Be Careful with Mobile auto repairs!!!

I’m not saying that all people that offer mobile repair service are bad, i just want you to be cautious, cause any time people are in a recession or the economy is going through tough times. You’ll find people preying upon those consumers looking to save a buck.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had customers come into my shop and tell me they only need a quote to get the bodywork on their vehicle painted. When i walk out to the vehicle with the the customer so that they can point out which panel they’re looking to have paintwork performed on. I’ll look at the fender or door and realize that the butcher who worked on this panel should be castrated for calling himself an auto body tech or for hustling this customer out of their money. When i ask my customer who performed this work on their vehicle? They reply with “i had a man approach me in the Walmart parking lot and told me he could save me money by him doing the bodywork and leaving it ready for paint”.

After  i take a few moments to gather my thoughts and tell this poor customer on how poor the quality of work this certain individual has performed and they were better off not even having the work done at all. The response is the same “he told me that i was going to save a bunch of money”.  Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth, i then show the customer that all that person did was pound out the metal and glob on a bunch of bondo filler and sand it down somewhat and spray a little bit of spray can primer.  The damage this individual did to the customer’s vehicle will actually cost more than the original damage. Instead of keeping the repair area small they consumed the entire panel obligating me to have to blend in the adjacent panels.

As oppose if they just kept the repair area small, it we could have kept the paint work small with in that same panel and avoid having to blend into the adjacent panels. These are just some of the examples that have occurred. My customer tried to get back the money that this con artist charged him and he replied “sorry no warranty available”. There’s a saying that’s very common “you pay for what you get” sometimes cheaper is not better so buyer’s beware.

Also buyer beware because once you’ve had your vehicle worked on and your not satisfied with the quality of repair that the mobile person has performed. Your insurance will not allow you to file a claim and fix it.  Your insurance will deny the claim and state that you voluntarily chose on your own to have the vehicle fixed.

Makes sure the individual you’re dealing with has a business license and is registered with the B.A.R (Bureau of automotive repair) and has some sort of insurance in the event that they damage your car or don’t repair you vehicle to your satisfaction; you have some sort of legal recourse to go after. When your  dealing with a business that is registered with the B.A.R you have the protection knowing that if that shop or business performs a poor quality repair or fraudulent repair you as a consumer can report them to the B.A.R and have them investigated. If the agent from the B.A.R finds that you have a valid claim they can require the shop or mobile repair to pay you back for your improper repair or even even fine the shop or business. Use your common sense when you deal with individual your who may look or acts suspicious your gut feeling is probably right and decline to have your repairs done. Just so you know we offer FREE Mobile estimates here at California Collision so don’t be a stranger and if your car has damage and you need an estimate or some advice on how to get your car fixed with out costing you an arm and leg please contact us.

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Headlight restoration

Do you have trouble seeing at night while you’re driving? this may be caused do to your headlights being yellow and oxidized. The reason why this happens is cause our government is no longer requiring vehicle manufactures to apply a UV protective coating on headlights.

So when you go into your local dealer and try to get this fixed or resolved, hoping that this problem or defect will be covered under your vehicle maker’s warranty they’ll tell you that it’s common wear and tear and the dealer has to replace your headlights.

Sit down cause it only gets better, your dealer will tell you that your headlights replacement cost will be $180.00-$225.00 per headlight plus labor of $150.00 per hour which this process may take an hour and half per headlight and by the way do you know your vehicle is due for it’s 30,60.90k mile service.

By the time you leave out of the dealer, what you thought was going to be covered under warranty you walk out of there with a $810.00 bill. Not including if you let the dealer up sell  you for the service bill.

For those of you who drive a Mercedes,BMW or any type of European vehicle add another 35-40%. Here at California Collision we go trough a process which involves us sanding and removing the oxidation with different grit of sand paper and clean it off with alcohol to ensure no contamination gets on your headlights and then spray the UV coating back on your headlights. This process will ensure that your headlights stay nice and clear for years.

We charge $40.00 per headlight regardless of the vehicle you drive. Be on the look out cause we’ve seen auto detail facilities that charge half and all they do is polish your headlights with a little bit of compound and they look great for about a week but then look worse than before. That goes the same for most of these products they sell on TV. Buyer beware!!!

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You’re not required to take your vehicle to where your insurance recommends

Do you know that by California law you’re not required  to take your vehicle to where your insurance company recommends. Your insurance will tell you to just bring your vehicle  in for an estimate or just drop off at the shop they recommend . They use these words to try to convince you or intimidate you to go to one of there preferred shops for one main reason…. to save them money. It’s not because that shop is better or more efficient than a shop that doesn’t have an agreement with your insurance company. It’s simply because the authorized shop from your insurance company has a signed contractual agreement with your insurance to save your insurance company money by offering them a discount on the labor, parts and materials. How does this help you??? Absolutely nothing, you’ll find your self having to pay your deductible of $500-$1000 to the shop that your insurance company recommends and the shop can’t afford to help you with that portion because they’ve already gave all the savings to your insurance company. Even if the shop wanted to help you they can’t.

You’ll also hear your insurance company tell you that they can over see the repairs and if you have a disagreement with that shop they can get involved. The truth is folks that all repair shop whether be mechanical of auto body and paint are overseen by government regulated bureau called the B.A.R (bureau of automotive repair) if you have a disagreement or complaint with that shops repair you can make a phone call to them and they’ll investigate and the claim and if they find a that you have a legitament complaint they’ll fine the shop owner or even shut them down if the violation is severe enough.

Here at California Collision because we choose not to get a  into a contractual agreement with your insurance company so that we can offer our customer appreciation rebates which can help you with your deductible. We believe that if we’re going to offer any savings it’s to our loyal customers that have always come to us for there auto repair needs not the insurance company. If you hear someone say they can’t pay there deductible or there insurance company is telling them they have to go to the shop there insurance recommends please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be more than glad to help them.

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